InformatiWeb Network Database

This PC application allows you to access the entire InformatiWeb Network from the application that will work with a local database which will avoid connecting to the Internet to view the records software ...

This software is no longer maintained because we have decided for safety reasons, stop its development.
Downloading has also been disabled.

Here is a list of features of this program :

  • Connection to the local database and data display.
  • Displays the number of pages and files hosted on the entire InformatiWeb Network.
  • The display is identical to those records online, but the layout is programmed into the software so that it remains offline.
  • Forums "Software Paradise" and "Vista World" are included in the software.
  • Ability to change site InformatiWeb Network without restarting the software.
  • Integrated Web browser.
  • Integrated search engine.
  • Integrated contact form. Messages are sent via Gmail's SMTP server which is free.
  • Window "About ..." to display the version in use as well as the publication date of this release.

Here are some previews :

Main screen with check access to database InformatiWeb Network provided with the software, to avoid errors.

Appearance of the management window ... In this instance, for those "Vista World" with colors that match its online version.

Explanation of columns : the left contains the categories / sub-categories, the right plugs with their details below when selects one.

Switch to change the InformatiWeb Network website without restarting the software. Moreover, it resets all the columns ...

Appearance for "Software Paradise"

As with the online version, the files are available on 3 differents hosts.

The embedded Web browser that provides access to the host site by clicking one of the buttons downloads displayed in the form. (See picture above)
The url of the current site is displayed in the address bar at the top of the window with the standard buttons : back, forward, refresh, ...

An integrated search engine. Currently programmed for "Vista World".

An integrated contact us by email with notification contact form error if the message has not been sent otherwise it will display "Message sent".

And finally the very common window called "About ...". You can find out the version of InformatiWeb Network Database.

As you can see, a system of automatic update and will be integrated into the software does not freeze during the update because the system is based on an asynchronous download.

We are currently considering a system for updating the database without restarting the program.


InformatiWeb Network Database
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