The story of InformatiWeb

InformatiWeb was created around years 2008 - 2009.

His first release was designed in HTML / CSS and its appearance was rather that of a personal site than a professional website.

Then, we start to integrate PHP and MySQL databases in the same version. We try to create a Design "stretch" for our site automatically adapts to the screen size of the visitor. The problem is that we noticed (over time) that this design was not the best in terms of visibility.
On the big screen, the text is spread over a great distance. This raises concerns for visitors to read.

PHP v1

The 2nd version was designed in HTML / CSS, PHP4 and MySQL.

The 2nd version had a more professional appearance and it was a real turning point for InformatiWeb that has appeal to many visitors. This design was fixed but regulated the many problems of the previous version..

InformatiWeb v2

The 3rd version was designed with Responsive Design.
It is designed with the latest technologies related to Web: HTML5 / CSS3, Responsive / Switching Design, PHP 5, MySQL, url rewriting, ...

You will understand, this latest version is the most complete technical level..

Here is a detailed list of these news :

  • HTML5 : Using new HTML5 to better adhere to the HTML and semantics as to benefit from a better ranking because Google loves structured websites.
  • CSS3 : Using the new CSS3 properties for :
    • Create animations (and transitions) without any JavaScript code
    • Create color gradients without using any picture. Which improves the loading time of the website as no image must be downloaded
    • Create shadows, additional blocks (virtual) ...
  • Responsive / Switching Design : You are aware that the number of mobile users is augmenntation. And it is also the case on our site, as we have seen with Google Analytics.

    We created this new version Responsive / Switching Design for our website best fits to all devices and it whatsoever and all sizes.

    You will also notice that the lists slightly change their appearance on the small screen for better accessible on mobile and tablets
  • PHP 5 : Using the new features of PHP including :
    • PHP classes (and objects) to better secure our website
    • The new methods of connecting to database named PDO
    • Create shadows, additional blocks (virtual) ...
  • MySQL : Using MySQL database that is the database management system most widely used for the Web.
  • The url rewriting (with Apache) : Using the url rewriting supported by the Apache Web server to create clearer for the visitor as well as search engines url. These url are now SEO friendly.
  • Optimizing performance and security of the website :
    • Using a more clean and more secure code at client-side (HTML, CSS, ...) and at server side (Apache, PHP, MySQL).
    • Better use of HTML tags and CSS3 properties
    • Using color gradients instead of images to avoid the many exchanges : Client <> server
    • Use a mosaic for the background picture of the website. This type of image is called : pattern
  • Search engine optimization of the website :
    • The webmaster can now show descriptions and a list of keywords customized for each page.
    • Emphasis on proper structuring HTML web site that Google will find it easier in the indexing of our content (tutorials, tips, ...)
    • Future support of the English for our web site as referenced in the United States, the United Kingdom, ...
  • Multilingual support on our website :
    • The website (and its database) has been reprogrammed to be able to support multiple languages.
    • Flags are available at the top right of the website to change the language without falling on the home page.