Tips and tricks to use Gmail

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At registration.

Do not hesitate to click several times on "Check Avalaibility" for other proposals corresponding to the desired address.

The point in the address

The point can indifferently be inserted in an address and capital letters:
For example, the, and adresses correspond to the same account.

The + sign in the address

Gmail accepts the + sign in email addresses
eg : et land in your mailbox and it allows you to create filters accordingly (or custom addresses) and then (when you have thousands of messages :-) can erase those who interest you most.

However careful the number of filters is limited to 20.

Select multiple messages.

To select multiple messages in one page, it's the same principle as in the explorer (by clicking with Shift and Ctrl) and the system remembers selections from a window to another.

Do a search
The "Search" function works like Google with "", the (), the sign - and the OR operator

  • "John Martin" finds all messages contains Jean Martin
  • Jean -Martin finds messages that contain Jean without Martin
  • OR Jean Martin search Jean and Martin
  • (Jean OR Anne) Martin seeks Jean Martin or Anne Martin

Attachments at risk

Attachments with the. EXE or. VBS are not sent by Gmail. The "compress" is not enough.
If you want to ship an executable, you need to rename the extension (.EXE to .TXT for example) so that it arrives safely.

Importer ses contacts

You can import contacts into Gmail from any CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
Click on "Contacts" and then "Import Contacts".

Les applications relatives à Gmail

Gmail Notifier allows you to check for new mails (even close the browser) to open links "mailto" (send a message) directly with Gmail and log in with a click.