Tips for 3D Pinball built into Windows XP

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Some of you will perhaps not even if these codes are not new but for those who do not know know there is way to cheat in the built-in "Windows XP" game "3D Pinball".

During the games, just type one or more of these comandes:
hidden test and the ball will follow the mouse.
1max to have an "extra ball"
bmax for an unlimited number of balls
rmax to increase the grade
bmax to enable gravity
and SHIFT + H to be directly 1,000,000 items
You can now make a huge score!


For those who want this game in Windows Vista or Windows Seven

To play under "Windows Vista" or "Windows Seven" must have "Windows XP" and copy the folder Pinball "located in" C:\Program Files\Windows NT".

And paste it where you want on your "Windows Vista" or "Windows Seven" PC and start the game by the "PINBALL.EXE" file.

And to prove you, this trick works, here is the preview of "3D Pinball" in "Windows Seven" :