Create a .htaccess file

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Following Windows's versions, it's generally impossible to create one ".htaccess" file. This is simply because the file you are trying to create has no name (which is supposed to be before the point).
Nevertheless, it's possible to circumvent this problem by using the command prompt (cmd) built into Windows.

To do this :

  1. Create a file named for exemple "a.htaccess".
  2. Open Notepad and type this inside : ren a.htaccess .htaccess
  3. Save the file "rename.bat" (it is important that the extension is ".bat" and no ".txt")
  4. Next, make sure the two files "a.htaccess" and "rename.bat" are in the same place
  5. Double-click the "rename.bat" file
  6. So, now you have your ".htaccess" file