My computer is slow or crashes frequently. What to do?

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Your computer is slow or crashes frequently.


The causes can be many :
1) One or more infections due to viruses, adware and other malware
2) Remove the software found at startup and / or unnecessary
3) Errors in the file system
4) A program that runs in the background that you do not use but takes a lot of memory (RAM) and processor usage (CPU)
5) Your hard disk may be defective


1) Start by doing an analysis Anti-virus, Anti-malware, anti-spyware (anti-spyware) ...

For this :
- Make an anti-spyware scan with Rogue Killer.
Tutorial available here.
- Make an anti-malware analysis with Malware Bytes.
Tutorial available here.
- Get an anti-virus scan with your favorites anti-virus (the one you installed on your computer).
- Uninstall adware and / or unnecessary.
To do this, read our tutorial : "Completely remove adware and clean up your Web browsers".

2) Then, delete unnecessary software that could be the start of your computer.

To do this, read our tutorial : "Manage startup programs".

3) Check and fix any errors in the file system.

To do this, read our tutorial : "Check and repair the file system".

4) The solution includes step 1 and 2 of this page.

5) Test and attempt to repair (if necessary) the bad sectors of your hard drive.

For this, see step 1 of our tutorial : "UBCD - Test your hardware".