Windows Vista / 7 - BOOTMGR is missing

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When you start your computer, the error message "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart" appears and the computer gets stuck on this message.



This error message indicates that the BOOTMGR file was not found at the root of the "C" partition. Then, if the computer gets stuck on this message, it is simply because this is a file on Windows startup.
Possible reasons for the deletion of this file are :
- In most cases, a virus program or a third party.
- a bad sector on the hard drive, which has corrupted this file
- Improper handling by the user. But this is rarely the case, because the file is protected and hidden by default.



To restore this file, use the "Startup Repair" Windows Vista / 7 from the DVD and the WinRE Windows 7 tool For more information read our tutorial : "Windows Vista / 7 - Repair startup".
Then, consider an analysis antivirus to remove viruses that are present on your computer that may have been the cause of this suppression.