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  1. Online stores or physical ?
  2. Online stores (E-commerce)
    1. Advantages of online stores
    2. Disadvantages of online stores
    3. Reliable ecommerces
      1. The best website for IT and High-Tech : LDLC
      2. Trusted and main competitor of LDLC :
      3. Amazon
      4. Pixmania
      5. Others websites
  3. Physical stores
    1. Advantages of physical stores
    2. Disadvantages of physical stores

1. Online stores or physical ?

2. Online stores (E-commerce)

2.1. Advantages of online stores

  • The opportunity to reach many more people. In general, they deliver throughout Europe and sometimes even more.
  • The prices are lower : there is no seller, shop management ... except a warehouse where goods are stored.
  • Some sites are even promotions via coupon codes or over a certain period. Be named for example "LDLC" which is a very good online shopping site and conducts promotions throughout the year on products or different and varied categories.
  • Delivery is even free in some cases. For example, when the price of the order exceeds a certain amount.
  • Compare products and their price is also easier and faster. Check all the same on the website of the manufacturer specifications before purchasing a product on a shopping site online because the characteristics are not always accurate or up to date. Example : The functionality of mobile phones, PDAs, ...
  • Ease of payment and securing them via first protocol "https" (SSL) and the certification authorities that provide SSL certificates.
    These certification authorities, the best known are : VeriSign, GeoTrust, ...
  • VeriSign
  • GeoTrust

But also by alternative payment solutions online as PayPal, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), ...

  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers

2.2. Disadvantages of online stores

  • In case your computer is infected with a virus, trojan, or other malicious software, you may for example to steal your banking information (blue card number, expiration date, ...), ...
    Banks create new security, particularly through unique codes generated by card readers, Digipass and others in an attempt to block hackers.
  • Lecteurs de cartes
  • Digipass
  • That's why alternative payment solutions are recommended. You transfer money from your bank account to paypal and then you pay with paypal (or moneybookers). If an intruder captures payment information, it will have access only to your paypal and not just your bank account (on which there is much more money in general) account.
  • All sites are not serious. We will present online purchase of computer equipment for you to avoid buying on bad websites.

2.3. Reliable ecommerces

2.3.1. The best website for IT and High-Tech : LDLC

LDLC is a shopping site hardware and accessories offering both components (processors, motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives, ...) and accessories (speakers, keyboard, mouse, ...) you'll also find everything related to telephony such as mobile phones (GSM, Smartphone, iPhone, ...) Android (Google) or iOS (Apple), headphones, headsets, ...

2.3.2. Trusted and main competitor of LDLC : is a popular site that belonged to the company and Domisys which sells mainly high-tech products and computer equipment. sometimes offers best price that LDLC for the same products.

However, recently, LDLC bought and therefore these 2 sites are now part of the same group.

Despite this acquisition, remains one of the best sites for your high-tech purchases.

2.3.3. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites that exist on the Internet and it is available for everyone (all countries).
Amazon has many warehouses of several thousand square meters.

Currently, Amazon offers :

  • their products
  • and products sold by third parties

Note that Amazon allows you to pay by credit card (eg VISA), but not by PayPal.


2.3.4. Pixmania

Pixmania is a trademark of the eponymous group based in Paris, France, created by Rosenblum brothers and owned since 2006 the British Dixons Retail Group. Devoted to the distribution of technical products (electronics, computers, appliances, ...) and cultural (DVDs, video games, books, ...) sold through a website and stores, Pixmania has a strong product positioning digital and is present throughout Europe.
Source :


2.3.5. Others websites

For example :

  • the manufacturers' sites (if they give the option of ordering online because usually they do not offer a list of retailers).
  • sites some stores that can order online and making supplies (mainly with certain geographic limitations).
    Note : Of course, there are many other sites, but we do not have them tested so we advise you to check (via comments, advices, websites that talk, ...) before order something on an online site.

3. Physical stores

First, it is obviously not possible us to list them all, and test all seen that the choice of a computer store is on the one hand by word of mouth and other areas Geographic. Some choose their computer stores following other criteria such as knowledge if it has worked, opinions (whether online or not) ...

3.1. Advantages of physical stores

  • The technical support and warranty because if you order, for example, a computer, you can easily bring in repair.
  • Ease of payment : cash or more : credit card (Bancontact, ...).
  • No shipping fees to pay.
  • Lets be recommended for purchase. For example, when buying a computer. Most people do not follow the current hardware because it is not the computer that lead them to buy a computer but simply because they need it for their work or because they like to play video games.
  • The seller will be able to advise you on your specific configuration needs to avoid unnecessary costs.
    Example : A person who uses a computer for word processing does not need a big configuration with the latest graphics card.
  • Some stores also provide via their website to order some products to come and take in store.

3.2. Disadvantages of physical stores

  • The first is related to the stock because it is difficult to offer many brands and quantity in a physical store as an online store.
  • A store to maintain and therefore costs for both the lighting electricity staff to keep the store ...