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As you can imagine, the hosting is not free. Moreover, its webmaster (Lionel Eppe) maintains this website and its content voluntarily. So, we had to find a way in order to pay this hosting and its domain name, because at present, the webmaster has to get the money out of his pocket. What is not possible forever.

Today, we propose to help us pay this hosting.
For this, you only need to register (and being active) on one or more of the following websites :
- ($30 or more / month)
- (similar to ClixSense)
- (20€ / month)
Note : These serious websites allow you to earn money easily and legally, and will allow us to earn a percentage of your earnings. The percentage we win thanks to you is not deducted from your account. This solution is therefore "win-win".

Your benefits :
- You earn money (if you use these 3 websites, you can earn approximately $80 per month. It depends on your activity on those websites.).
- You can ask us for tutorials on specific subjects in IT. Warning : tutorials you will ask will be posted on our website and they don't belong to you. So, you can't copy them to your web site.
- InformatiWeb continue to be free as you will contribute to the financing of our free web site.

Our advantages :
- continue to provide you quality content
- be thanked for our work
- provide you a stable and rapidly accessible website

Now that you know that your support is important, here's how to make the amounts shown for these paid websites.

  1. Earn $ 30 or more per month with
  2. Earn $ 30 or more per month with
  3. Earn 20 € per month with
  4. Request a tutorial (if you contribute to the financing of our website)
  5. Donate with Paypal

1. Earn $ 30 or more per month with

Clixsense is a paid site type "gpt" (multi-remunerations).
To earn $ 30 by month with Clixsense, We must focus (in this order) :
- paid surveys present in the "Surveys" section.
For now, there are these providers : Cint (1$ / survey), Your Surveys (0,80$ / survey), OpinionWorld (0,85$ / survey) et Opinion Surveys (0,75$ / survey).
- paid surveys (including : Your Surveys, Opinion Surveys, SSI Surveys,, Dynamix Opinion et Opinion Sample) that are available in offerswalls (offers providers) : TrialPay, Matomy, Super Rewards, TokenAds et OfferToro.
Remuneration per survey : 0,75$, 0,50$, 0,40$ or 0,35$.
- html5 games that are available in the "Offers" section and for which you just have to play for 2, 3, 5 or 10 minutes depending on the game proposed by Softgames or Playzool. The remuneration changes according to the duration requested.
Examples of remuneration per html5 game : 0,09$, 0,06$, 0,05$ or 0,04$.
- free offers such as sample requests, SIM card, and free registrations (no deposit necessary and no bank card encoding necessary), ...
- tasks present in the "Tasks" section. The more you do, the more you go up in levels, more you will earn more money per task performed. Tasks don't stay long so make them when you see them.
Remuneration per task : from 0,01$ to 0,24$. In general, you can make at least 10 tasks for a type of stains. This will allow you to earn more than $ 2.4 in 10-20 minutes.
- daily checklist Bonus
If you complete it every day, you can earn up to an additional 7% of your daily earnings.

Sometimes, you will see pictures "Watch videos and earn Clixcents". These paid videos also count for offers to be validated for the daily bonus.

This site pays quickly. It pays 2 times a week. (Don't forget to make your request for payment. It's not automatic)

Now that you know how to earn minimum $30 per month with Clixsense, please register.


2. Earn $ 30 or more per month with

NeoBux is a paid site GPT (multi-remunerations), which is very similar to Clixsense. Except that it uses a virtual currency on their website. The "coins" (their virtual currency) obtained through offers are validated 30 days after validation by the concerned offerwall (thus : TrialPay, Matomy, TokenAds, ...).
More you accumulate "coins", more the "coins => dollar" rate is high. So, it's better to wait a bit before converting your coins to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

Because NeoBux is very similar to Clixsense, tips for earn about $ 30 per month are identical.

Don't hesitate to register. A lot of money waiting for you.


3. Earn 20 € per month with

This site is different from the above sites. Smileysptc is a paid site like PTR (paid to read mails).
Sign up with a Gmail address (because some providers block mails from this site thinking it is spam) and do the actions requested in mails.
The actions and the links in these emails are always the same (except when a campaign is over and another begins). The problem of "spam" detected by some providers is due to the fact that these mails (which are always the same) are sent every day at the same hour.

If you successfully validate these links every day, you will earn € 20 per month (10 € for validating links + 10 € bonus if you have properly perform the actions requested in the sent mails).

The "points => €" conversion rate is increasing month by month. Current rate : € 8.2 for 1000 points.

Do not hesitate to register.


4. Request a tutorial (if you contribute to the financing of our website)

If you have registered on one of the above websites by using links provided and you are active on these websites, then you can contact us to request a tutorial on a specific topic in IT.

In your request, add the following information :
- Name of the website where you have registered
- User name used on this or these websites
Note : those who have registered on several websites will have priority over others.


5. Donate with Paypal

If you wish to make a donation (of an amount that you define yourself) with Paypal, simply click on the button below :