Link Facebook and Twitter

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Linking Facebook and Twitter allows you to publish your Facebook messages on Twitter. This is possible only for new messages published after this link.
Note : We have completed the tutorial with our "Le monde du gain" page because we had already tied our "InformatiWeb" on Twitter before making this tutorial.

To bind, go to your page and click on "Edit Page -> Update information".

Click on "Resources" in the left menu and click on "Link your page to Twitter" on the right side.

You reach the "" page. Click the "Link to Twitter" button on the front page to link to.

You are now redirected to the Twitter website. If you are already logged in to your Twitter account, Twitter will ask you if you want to allow the Facebook application to post tweets for you ...

Once authorization is complete, you will be redirected automatically to the application page (

Congratulations, your Facebook page is now linked to your Twitter account. You can change the settings on that route by clicking on "Edit Settings".

Here, as you can see from these two screenshots. Anything you post on Facebook is also seen on Twitter.