VirtualBox 6.0 / 5.2 - Manage your virtual machines from another PC running Windows or Linux with Hyperbox

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Since VirtualBox is an open-source project, you can find different programs that connect to VirtualBox.
In particular, Hyperbox which is a remote VirtualBox virtual machine management program.

On the official Hyperbox GitHub page, you will see that this VirtualBox virtual machine manager will work on a client / server model.

In our case, we will download and install the 64-bit Windows version of these programs.

  1. Required configuration
  2. Installing Hyperbox Server
  3. Installing Hyperbox Client
  4. Firewall configuration for Hyperbox Server
  5. Connecting to the hypervisor : VirtualBox
  6. Allow access to virtual machines over the VRDP protocol
  7. Hypervisor configuration
  8. Create a virtual machine from Hyperbox Client
  9. Configure a virtual machine from Hyperbox Client
  10. Start a virtual machine from Hyperbox Client
  11. Install the drivers (guest additions) in the virtual machine
  12. Storing virtual machines on the server
    1. Change the default VM folder for VirtualBox
    2. Add the virtual machine in VirtualBox

1. Required configuration

Since Hyperbox has been coded in Java for VirtualBox for 64-bit platforms of Windows and Linux , you will need :

  • the 64-bit version of th JRE (if you're not a developer) or the JDK (if you are a developer) of Java
  • a compatible 64-bit operating system : Windows or Linux
  • a compatible version of VirtualBox. To know with which versions of VirtualBox it will be compatible, look in the "Changelog" of the version you want to download on GitHub.

In our case, we used :

  • Windows 7 in 64 bits for the client and the server (where turns VirtualBox)
  • Hyperbox version 0.0.14
  • version 5.2.8 of VirtualBox (which is supported by this version of Hyperbox thanks to the "VirtualBox 5.2" connector available in this version)

Important : for VirtualBox 6.0, you will need to use Hyperbox v0.0.15, because this is the version with a connector for VirtualBox 6.0.

2. Installing Hyperbox Server

Once Java is installed on the client PC and the server PC, start the installation of Hyperbox Server.

During installation, the installer will warn you that Hyperbox requires the JRE or JDK (in 64-bit).
Click OK if you installed it first.

The server installation is complete.

In the list of services under Windows, you will find the "Hyperbox" service.

3. Installing Hyperbox Client

Install the client.

For the client, nothing special.

Launch Hyperbox Client and go to : Server -> Add.

In the "Add Server Connection" window that appears, specify:

  • a name for this server : what you want
  • the IP address of the machine where you installed Hyperbox Server (in theory, on the same machine as VirtualBox)
  • specify "admin" as User.
  • specify"hyperbox" as Password.

Note that the default "admin / hyperbox" credentials are those specified in the official Hyperbox manual.

The server will appear in Hyperbox Client, but it will be in "Disconnected" status.

To connect to it, you will have to right click "Connect" on this one.

If Hyperbox Server and Hyperbox Client are installed on 2 different machines, you will probably have this error :

Plain Text

Unable to connect to: /xx.x.x.x:45612 null