Using CSS3 properties in older versions of IE

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With the arrival of the new CSS3 standard, new problems arise retro-compatibility. CSS3 is a new standard, these new properties are, of course, unknown in older browsers. Fortunately, a solution exists for older versions of Internet Explorer. That said, this solution does not support 100% of the new CSS3 properties. The list of properties compatible with this solution is available on the official website of CSS3 PIE.
This solution is called "CSS3 PIE".

To use this solution, you'll need to add a property "behavior" for each class, id, or ... you use CSS3 properties. This property will have value : the address of htc file you downloaded previously.

Here is a small example to show you how to use it :


  /* By the CSS3 property "Border radius" is used for creating rounded corners */
  border-radius:0 0 10px 10px;
  /* Load the ".htc" file for the class "ma_classe" */
  behavior: url(/css/PIE-1.0.0/;
  /* Same with the prefix seller on IE */
  -ms-behavior: url(/css/PIE-1.0.0/;

Important : The path is relative to the document (html page) and not the css file. We advise you to use url for the site root, by starting with "/".