GAG (Graphical Boot Manager)

  • Published on : 08 April 2013 at 20:10 UTC
  • By Lionel Eppe

GAG is a free and open source boot manager that allows you to create a multi-boot easily.

This boot manager allows you to :

  • Create a multi-boot with up to 9 different operating systems
  • Boot an operating system installed on a primary or an extended partition (logical) of any hard disk
  • Set a timer to boot automatically on a specific operating system or wait for the user to make his choice
  • Protect the boot of an operating system with a password or not
  • Hide partitions if you wish
  • Supports hard drives up to 4 TB (4096 GB)

Note that GAG does not need any partition to be installed, as it will be installed in the first track of your hard drive.

Then, once installed, you'll have a simple graphical interface that allows you to choose on which operating system you want to boot your computer.

GAG is translated into 21 languages

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