IT tutorials

In the IT tutorials category, you find mainly tutorials on :

  • Installing and configuring Windows

    Ex : Formatting and reinstalling Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Installing drivers, ...

  • Repair Windows

    Ex : Startup Repair, Safe Mode, test and repair a hard disk, RAM test, ...

  • Security and the disinfection

    Ex : Configuring the firewall, data encryption, virus removal, malware and adware.

  • Virtualization with VirtualBox (free)

    Ex : Create and configure a virtual machine and file sharing.

  • Virtualization with VMware (free and paid but Pro)

    Ex : The machine virtualization with VMware Player, VMware Workstation or wiht the ESXi hypervisor.

  • Laptops

    Ex : Install Windows 7 on a MSI laptop.

  • Web (websites, domains, FTP and other protocols)

    Ex : Installing a local web server (WAMP), setting up a FTP client, transfer of a domain ...

  • Installation and configuration of a Win. Server server

    Ex : Create and use an Active Directory, a DHCP server, a DNS server, routing services, ...

  • Install, configure and secure a Linux server (VPS)

    Ex : Installation and configuration of a web server, a FTP server, a DNS server, a firewall, ...

  • And more

    Ex : Articles on IT hardware, BIOS configuration, creating a multi-boot ...


Note : The version 4 of InformatiWeb is divided into two web sites (InformatiWeb for individuals and InformatiWeb Pro for professionals) instead of one. So, you will be redirected to InformatiWeb Pro for tutorials about virtualization and system administration.