• for individuals

    Individuals interested by :

    • Repair their computer (safe mode, live cd, ...)
    • Reinstall Windows (from Win XP to Win 10)
    • Data backup even when Windows will not boot
    • Burning a CD / DVD (audio, data, iso, iso bootable, ...)
    • Cleaning Windows and web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, ...)
    • Removing viruses, malware and adware
    • The management of programs at startup
    • Install old games on new versions of Windows
    • And more.
  • for the professional world

    InformatiWeb Pro

    On InformatiWeb Pro, you will find mainly :

    • The installation and configuration of a server "Windows Server" (2003 to 2012 R2)
    • Install, configure and secure a Linux server
    • Virtualization with : Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, ...
    • Self-hosting (routing, firewall configuration, ...)
    • And more.
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Passionate since childhood by IT, I like to understand how the IT works either at the OS, the Web or the programming itself.
As you can see, web development (client and server side) is one of my passions in IT.