Fake virus : Fake BSOD

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This file creates an imitation of a Windows blue screen (BSOD Called : Blue Screen of Death)
This file is harmless and does not actually plant the PC.

IMPORTANT : The ONLY way to leave this fake "Blue Screen" is to do the following key combination "CTRL + ALT + DEL" and close the mshta.exe process for it when you make the key combination, appears a "Windows task manager" window.
Go to the Processes tab and locate the process "mshta.exe". Right-click it and click "End Process".

This FALSE blue screen was created as a joke has a boyfriend, has your brother ... to do just send him the "Fake BSOD.bat" file.
BUT NOT forget to CHANGE THE FILE NAME as you want for no doubt that the joke.

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Download fake BSOD

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