Error : Delete WINDOWS

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When you want to empty the recycle bin, Windows will display the message "Do you really want to delete 'Windows' ?".



This error usually due to the removal of a damaged (or corrupted) file.



Solution 1 :
- Delete unnecessary files. Create a new file if you wish to delete then.
- Go to the basket
- Select the file that you just sent to the trash
- Press the "Delete" button (or Delete)
Trash is now completely empty and Windows will no longer display the message. If this message comes, go to solution 2.

Solution 2 :
1) Start your computer in safe mode.
2) With the right mouse button click on a folder named Recycled.
3) Rename it to what you want.
A new folder named Recycled will be automatically created.
4) Open the folder that you renamed.
5) Delete the files then this directory.
Source: (this site no longer exists)